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Five Things We Learned About Mindy Kaling via Jonathan Soroff

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Local legend Mindy Kaling possesses all the desirable qualities of a BFF: hilarious, snarky, over-analyzes daily minutiae, has our dream closet, appreciates a good dance party...the list goes on. Naturally, we turned green with envy upon seeing that the Improper Bostonian's interviewer-at-large Jonathan Soroff got to poke and prod her clever brain. See some of our favorite Mindy looks and find out what makes her tick.

1. The Office = "Red Sox Nation" according to Cambridge-born Mindy. Makes sense with so many Massholes on the cast: John Krasinski, Steve Carell, and B.J. Novak.
2. Why are all the funniest people from Boston? "It has something to do with the weather," says Kaling. "It's so grim, it makes you look inward." Alternately, it gives you Seasonal Affective Disorder.
3. She could live her entire life without doing an actual sex scene, but her fantasy smooch scene would be with Chris Evans.
4. She hates how frequently she is described as 5'2" when she is actually 5'4".
5. She runs her set like "Saddam Hussein ran Iraq." That sounds more severe than we expect it actually is, right?

· Mindy Kaling tells us about stereotypes and being a smart girl in Hollywood [Improper Bostonian]