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The Story Behind Fresh's Iconic Brown Sugar Body Polish

Fan favorite Brown Sugar Body Polish.
Fan favorite Brown Sugar Body Polish.

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Boston wasn't always home to so many fashion and beauty brands—before we had Rue La La and Living Proof, there was Fresh. Destined for greatness in the LVMH portfolio, Fresh built a cult beauty brand from the ground up using natural, wholesome ingredients like soy, sake, and infamously...sugar.
The roots of its widely cherished Brown Sugar regimen are laid out in WWD's "Aha! Moment" from last Friday, where husband-and-wife co-founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg reminisce about their realization that sugar was a healing home remedy used in both of their families' histories.
Says Roytberg:

It's iconic for us, because it comes from things that we really understand.

And with that little nugget of wisdom, it's no surprise that today she received a 2012 Cosmetic Executive Women Achievers Award.
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