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Here Are Some Black Friday Mall Hours to Plan Your Attack

Lines are the most fun way to nurse a turkey hangover. (Matthew Peyton/Getty)
Lines are the most fun way to nurse a turkey hangover. (Matthew Peyton/Getty)

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After awaking from the tryptophan coma, some people are straight up jonesin' to make it to the malls for a stressful experience killing those wee morning hours in the name of a good Black Friday bargain. If you're not one of them, maybe you should hit up the luxury malls for a bearable start time, namely Copley (9 am), the Mall at Chestnut Hill (9 am), or Natick Collection (6 am).

The rest of you loonies have the option to take over basically every other retail operation as early as 12 am—yup, South Shore Plaza, Wrentham, Macy's, Old Navy...they are all hoping you're still in a turkey haze while handing over that credit card.

For all you serious late risers, we are happy to report that most stores are open until 9 pm or later, though slim pickings are almost certain. Check out CBS's list of all the local malls and big box stores for specifics.
· Black Friday: When Do Malls, Stores Open? [CBS Boston]