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Our Pals Reveal Their Most Memorable Outfits of the Year

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As 2012 draws to a close, we're surveying our friends in the fashion industry about the year's biggest news stories and most exciting developments. For the last question of the series, we want to know which outfits were these ladies' number one. See all the questions here. Happy New Year!

Lani in her Jennifer Chun outfit, via MP Chou Chou

Q: Most memorable outfit you wore in 2012?

Lani Zervas, Mon Petit Chou Chou blogger: My favorite, and most versatile pieces, are by Jennifer Chun. I splurged on a new outfit from her fall collection at Louis and I have gotten so much mileage out of it (a burgundy/hunter print buttondown and wool/tweedy skirt). The outfit will always be memorable for me because I wore it on a Chronicle episode about fall fashion.

Amanda Knorr, Spreedia founder: The outfit I wore the night I got engaged: black jeans, short black moto boots, and a navy tie-neck button down with pink triangles on it by the UK brand Whistles. I had bought the blouse at Dress earlier in the year, and the owners told me Whistles was the brand Kate Middleton wore in her engagement photos. Thought it was a funny coincidence. I won't let it get to my head.

Lisa Pierpont, BOLDFACERS founder: Well, I'm not sure if anyone else remembers, but my favorite ensemble was a python sheer maxi-dress by Zadig & Voltaire paired with gold and silver studded motorcycle boots.

Liana Krupp, communications consultant and New Brahmin founder: My mother-in-law's vintage Bernard Perris electric blue high-waisted pants with these crazy wide suspenders and stirrups (yes, stirrups like on leggings) that I attached between the ball and heel of red shoes, a black Miyake crop top (would've done something different but time was of the essence) and a red scarf on my head for New Year's. I was the essence of a future pirate hooker.

Christina Pierce, Christina K. Pierce Boutique Fashion Agency owner: Sheer sequin navy pants from Reiss, long dusty rose sweater, navy Christian Louboutin shows. Worn to the Rondo cover party of Boston Common Magazine—everyone literally reached out and touched my legs to see the pants that night.

Heather White, Lifestyle Marketing at PLNDR: I wore this gorgeous vintage Armani ivory harem pant to my friend Casey Haight's wedding in Chatham and paired it with a safari-printed silk Equipment blouse tied up and these Godzilla-heels from Karmaloop.

Renata Certo-Ware, Scorpion Disco and freelance fashion writer/stylist: ONE of my faves (a girl can't pick just one!) is this one—an H&M digitally printed top, a silk asymmetrical dress from H&M, vintage belt from Bobby from Boston, and Jessica Simpson shoes. Not an expensive outfit by a long shot—nothing cost more than $30, except the shoes, still under $100—but effortless, polished, and on-trend.

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