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Recycle Studio Encourages 'Social Sweats' and Full Body Spinning

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We've always felt that to even survive a spin class, you have to work out in preparation. But stopping by Recycle Studio in the South End assured us that maybe those fears are unfounded—two years of success must mean Boston gals are willing to take the chance. Owner Cate Brinch opened the business when she moved from NYC and noticed a lack of spinning-dedicated facilities in town, figuring why not start her own.

Her vision has come to life: the studio is decorated with charming hand-printed textiles from India, designed by John Robshaw, and local artist Jenna Pirello's colorful paintings grace the walls of Recycle. Downstairs, the magic happens on seventeen bikes surrounded by dim lights and a soundsystem blasting everything from Mumford & Sons to hip hop on its speakers. Cate is quick to remind that this is a "no techno zone." (Amen!)

Each ride is choreographed to the beat of the music, with a team of eight instructors, each favoring a personal mix of genres. At first, finding expert team members was a challenge, leading Cate to develop a proprietary mentor program and train potential staff three times each year. The Recycle approach to spinning includes arm work, making classes ($22 drop in, as low as $15 in some bulk packages) a full body exercise. A couple changing rooms allow on-the-go students to freshen up, and a delicious green juice from The Ripe Stuff is for sale to refuel post-class.

When asked why Cate selected this particular neighborhood to set up shop, she replied "The South End is the biggest risk taker." Partnering up with South End Athletic Company across the street on the availability of spin shoes shows the collaborative, forward-thinking attitude of the area. Later this spring, the Recycle team sets its sights on Back Bay, with plans to open an additional 22-bike studio at 9 Newbury Street.

Reserve a bike online, and be sure to check out Being Recycled, the studio's blog where lifestyle content and "Recyclist of the Month" is featured.
· Recycle Studio [Official Site]