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Ever Wonder What a Fashion Truck Does in the Off-Season?

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Emily Benson was one of the first entrepreneurs to jump on the fashion truck trend. When food trucks were just starting to gain momentum in Boston, Emily began developing her idea for a girly, always-changing rolling boutique, simply titled The Fashion Truck. Now, several seasons later and in the thick of January, Emily's truck is hibernating while she plots her plans for the warmer months. We touched base with the bubbly innovator on how she spends these dreary months and what customers can look forward to this year.

How many miles do you estimate were covered in 2012?
From the beginning of November to the end of 2012, I drove 3,000 miles. In total, I'd say I drove around 20,000 miles this year.

Whoa! That's like driving coast to coast over six times. Do you have more free time now that you've closed up shop?
Yes, I certainly have more free time to travel and relax. My to do list is still a mile long though! The truck isn't on the road as often as it is during non-winter months, but I'm still doing select events and will soon begin weekly sales of items through our Facebook page. Outside of selling, I'm developing a book proposal and re-working the business plan for future expansion possibilities. Oh, and I just moved into a new apartment.

What are you planning for 2013?
For 2013 the biggest goal is to park the Truck in more places in and around Boston during the weekdays. The Boston Redevelopment Authority is working with myself and the other truck owners to help figure out how to park in set spots, like the food trucks do. Hopefully there will be a program ready for the spring—I'm crossing my fingers Mayor Menino is on board to give the final sign offs!

Weekends from May to October are already booked solid with the two big markets! I will start my third season at the SoWa Open Market on May 5 and spend each Sunday there from 10am—4pm. I'll also start spending Saturday afternoons from May 25 through October at the Greenway Open Market, which is new for me. The spot is on Milk Street near the Ring Fountain.

Last but not least, private party bookings are already rolling in. Wednesday—Friday nights are ready to rock in women's driveways. I bring the truck and offer hostess discounts while guests shop and have fun!

Very exciting! Any teasers you can give for both new design features of the truck and merchandise we should look out for come spring?
Well the biggest change in the truck is the exterior design. It's now been re-branded with our signature print! For spring, our merchandise will pop in coral, pink, blue and green colors in floral, ikat and tribal prints. Peplum is still a trend that we'll feature in a big way, as well as lace detail, maxi dresses and embroidered boho patterns.

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