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A Massachusetts-Made Robot Encourages U.S. Manufacturing

Image via <a href="">Ecouterre</a>
Image via Ecouterre

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Ecouterre recently highlighted a humanoid robot, affectionately named "Baxter," which aims to bring manufacturing jobs back to domestic soil. With an apparent $22,000 price tag, the robot claims to perform simple tasks while working alongside actual people. The dude has vision-guided movements, can detect a human presence, and is equipped with "common sense." And whaddya know? It's built here in Massachusetts with 75% American-produced parts as the baby of Boston's Rethink Robotics. Baxter can count, load and unload, and even make a cocktail (two truths and a lie, your pick).

While we could see a robot effortlessly adding rivets to denim, we have trouble envisioning them embroidering chiffon or distressing leather. To what degree do you think artificial intelligence will continuing morphing the production line, particularly in fashion? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.
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