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25 Priciest Boston Sales Ever; Ask a Whale; More Luxury Living

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Swanky Whale Week real estate news, courtesy of Curbed Boston...

BOSTONIt's Whale Week 2013 over here and, as part of that, we charted the top 25 priciest Boston home sales ever, starting with a Mandarin Oriental penthouse that occupies the top two spots. Twenty Louisburg Square (above) also made the historic cut.

BROOKLINEThe biggest whale on the market here, the Happy Hollow estate off Rockwood Street, has an odd/amazing selling point: Its gardens include grass from Fenway's infield. All yours for $6,950,000.

WATERFRONTOur David Bates went whale-hunting at some of the choicest addresses along the water, including The Intercontinental, the public property record of "which shows a Saudi-Arabian prince and a former Bruin as owners of units."

HUB-WIDE—Finally, for Whale Week 2013, we have a bona fide whale answering questions about buying and renting big-time in the region.