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Erica Corsano Dishes on Delivering $3M of Vintage Jewels

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We're dedicating this week to the kind of fantastical shopping that most of us only get to experience in dreams. Taking a page from casino parlance, we'll be talking a lot about "whales," those big spenders who feel perfectly comfortable dropping tens of thousands of dollars every night on roulette, or, in our case, on Cartier, caviar facials, and Chanel. Welcome to Whale Week 2013.

There are very few fashion industry jobs not listed on Erica Corsano's resume. She's worked with major labels in NYC, held the reins at Boston Common Magazine, STUFF, Gilt City Boston, and has contributed to numerous publications including DailyCandy Boston, Lucky Magazine, and The Boston Globe. Style is her religion, and these varied experiences have exposed her to the creme de la creme of designer goods.

In addition to her latest gig heading up The Real Real's Boston operations, Erica also styles on the side and even teaches trend forecasting at MassArt. All in all, a rockstar making our city more fashionable every season. We knew she would have good stories up her beautifully cuffed sleeve, so let's dive in...

Most extravagant item(s) you've had the pleasure to work with?
I was flying to London to bring Nicole Kidman jewelry from Bulgari. I had close to $3 million dollars worth of vintage jewels, it was insane. The plane ended up having engine issues and we never made it to London. We landed in Gander Newfoundland and when I quietly told the customs official that I had something to declare he looked at me in awe and utter confusion and signaled that I just walk on through! It was quite an adventure...

Your favorite splurge in recent memory?
After years of living way beyond my means and indulging in sample sale after sample sale in NYC, I've learned to be cautious with my spending and only indulge in the necessities, the classics. But when in really, when I was in Rome last year I just had to pay a visit to one of my favorite shoe designer's boutiques—Sergio Rossi. A pair of black boots, maroon platform pumps, and beige python heels later, I realized that with the Euro being so high it would have been cheaper to purchase in the States! But honestly, the whole experience of shopping in my favorite Italian city was priceless.

What luxury item is always worth investing in?
Functional, statement handbags, timeless personal jewelry, fabulous silk scarves and classic timepieces.

Take me on a virtual shopping spree. Which stores would you visit? Which spas?
Oh boy. Well, I do believe in only buying the necessities, even when splurging, there is so much waste in the world and so many in need! But if we are talking "virtual" (and in this virtual world I'm also a size 6), locally, I'd head to Louis for Pierre Hardy shoes, and clothing and from The Row; Riccardi for something outrageous from Comme des Garçons; I'd hit up Barneys for Goyard travel bags and a fabulous Givenchy satchel; Intermix for more Sergio Rossi "$@ me" pumps; then off to Persona Jewelry where I'd custom design a hammered gold and multicolor gemstone necklace. While I'm in a jewelry state of mind, I'd ask Dorfman to close their store for a private shopping spree. Chanel is a must on this fashion voyage...a bag or two and perhaps a few jackets. And especially in this wretched weather, I'd bury myself in Loro Piana cashmere. I'd also buy almost everything inside Patch NYC's South End outpost.

The only way to end a spree like that is at the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for total relaxation. It's simply divine...

Describe the biggest closet you've ever been in.
I was actually in Ernie Boch's closet once for styling purposes—it's pretty huge and very interesting. He was very into custom made exotic shoes from the Far East and had more tops than anyone I have ever met! It was super organized though and very neat.

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