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UNREAL Candy's Ashley Girard Loves Sienna Miller & Vintage Dior; Tolerates Spanx

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Welcome to Into It, where, we chat with Boston's movers, shakers, and candlestick makers (okay not really) about how style fits into their lives.

What makes Boston great? It's the plethora of interesting people doing interesting things. Though not always falling in the fashion realm, we think they deserve some notice. Today, we're talking to Ashley Girard, Director of Marketing for UNREAL Candy. When she's not unjunking the world with celebs (Gisele and John Legend are just two of the brand's way-stylish fans), she's expanding her envy-inducing vintage collection. Here, she tells us her feelings on Spanx, why her Gemini style is perfect for a startup, and what she really thinks of Boston's fashion sense.

1. Describe your style.
Fashionably sensitive but too cool to care—to quote the critically acclaimed poet and songwriter Jewel, Sienna Miller, January Jones.

2. How does work influence your style?
Working at a start-up enables me to wear my full Gemini personality on my sleeve. Leather shorts with tights one day and an oversized crop sweatshirt and jeans the next.

3. Favorite places to shop in Boston?
Marc Jacobs, Café Society in JP, and Kate Spade Saturday online.

4. Places you don't shop in Boston?
I try to avoid the Prudential Center at all costs, but the Sephora always drags me in.

5. Describe Boston's fashion sense in three words.
Flat, collegiate and corporate.

6. What's the one thing you can't live without?

7. And the one you can't live with?
I think you mean "can"—Spanx. But just because you can, doesn't mean you always should.

8. What is your biggest indulgence?
Vintage Dior cropped navy blazer.

9. If you could only exist in one moment in time, what would it be?
1967, the edge of fashion and social movements.

10. And what would you be wearing?
Festival chic style by day, certainly with a fringed vest, headband and peasant blouse/tunic. Precariously cut frock by night.
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