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Giftbar Launches in Boston, Offering Boutique Gift Cards Online

Image courtesy of Giftbar
Image courtesy of Giftbar

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Giftbar, a sort of concierge service for digital (and hard copy) gift cards, has recently launched in Boston—an appropriately-timed arrival given the necessity of gift shopping these next couple months. More than a dozen local boutiques have partnered with the Chicago-based online marketplace, including Britt Ryan, Fish and Bone, Alton Lane, Olives & Grace, and Racked 38 members like Forty Winks, Patch NYC, and Serenella. With the ease of surveying each boutique on Giftbar's website, both regulars and those far away can gauge which spot suits a recipient best. Should you have a picky loved one to shop for, there is even an option to snag a universal gift card accepted at every Boston boutique partner.

Amounts can be determined by the gifter, though each boutique has a recommended range based on a typical purchase there. Our favorite elements of Giftbar are definitely the customizable Tibi-designed "wrapping paper" prints for the gift cards, as well as the "Giftbar Mixers," which allow you to select a value between $100-$200 with curated combinations of various store credits. For example, the "Haute Homebody" mixer ($150) includes $50 to Acquire, $50 to Patch NYC, and $50 to the Urban Grape. Voila! Like a fruit basket but way, way better. You can seriously knock out every gift this season in just minutes—especially since the service is also in Chicago, New York, LA, Dallas, and Washington DC.
· Giftbar Boston [Official Site]