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The Toxin-Free Nail Polish That Passes the House-Cleaning Test

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Today's pick comes from Racked DC editor Adele Chapin.

Mischo Beauty Nail Lacquer in Empire State of Mind$18

For some reason, whenever I get my nails done and get home, I feel suddenly compelled to clean my house. It happened again recently. Immediately after getting a flawless matte greenish-teal manicure with nail lacquer courtesy of new D.C.-based brand Mischo Beauty, I decided that I needed to thoroughly scrub my oven. And the polish stayed put through that ordeal.

OK, I used gloves, but my manicure remained pristine through the rest of my house cleaning and then for an entire week. Mischo's nail lacquer is made in America and free of five of the worst toxins associated with polishes. Packaging nerd alert: It also comes in a really pretty, chunky square bottle.
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