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Listen Up: Our Panel Wants These 2013 Trends to Disappear

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Same as last year, we've tapped a handful of reputable fashion friends to weigh in on 2013's greatest hits (and misses). Time to hate on the worst trends.

Rant away: Worst trends of the year?

Tina Burgos, Covet + Lou founder: The versatility of the yoga pant. Nail art. Anything Miley Cyrus.

Kaitlin Madden, Lux & Concord blogger: Despite my love of leather (and Kate Moss), grunge just isn't my style. It wasn't in the 90s, and it still isn't.

Jeff Lahens, DressCode Boston founder: Solid colored trouser overkill. I prefer patterned pants.

Christine Mitchell, N'East Style blogger: Leggings and high heel/platform sneakers.

Aliston Tomisato, PR and Marketing for W Boston: #PicStitchSelfie.

Brittany Fischer, Beauty Correspondent for Gloss48: Cut-outs that showcase love handles. Nobody wants to see that. Even on Kate Moss. Just no.
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