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Let's Recap Prabal Gurung for Target Leftovers in Watertown

-- As of 6pm on Sunday, February 10, at the Watertown Target
-- As of 6pm on Sunday, February 10, at the Watertown Target

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This morning's launch of Prabal Gurung for Target was underscored by blizzard Nemo and its major dumping of powder in the metro Boston vicinity. While the area boasts five T-accessible stores, actually getting to a Target proved to be a moot point once all buses and trains were shut down. As predicted, eager fashionistas required either four wheel drive or snowshoes to reach that red bullseye.

After the streets were plowed and residents began to emerge in a cabin fever craze, we decided to swing through the Watertown spot. This neighbor to student- and twenty-something-ridden Allston-Brighton was very much picked over by our 6pm arrival, though certain styles—for example the blue ruffle blouse and the full-skirted "apple red" dress—remained on the racks in a relatively wide scope of sizes. Blouses and tanks also abound.

Ladies, if you wear size 2 to 6, don't bother coming to this Target. It's worth noting though that the neon "sulphur" ruffle dress revealed the smallest inventory with a couple size 4s up for grabs. On the flipside, curvier ladies can revel in some popular items, including the "First Date" print paneled dress, the "Calypso Coral" swing dress, the "Meet the Parents" printed dress, and the drop waist "First Date" dress.

Most of the "Floral Crush" prints, the lace trimmed skirt worn by Olivia Thirlby in the campaign, and the "First Date" sweatshirt were absent from the small, contained Prabal display. Heading over to the shoe department, we found the majority of stock to be the "Nolita" print pointed toe pump, with a couple lace-up sandals mixed in. The jewelry selection was nearly non-existent, with only a few scattered earrings and necklaces in a small case that we almost overlooked.

As lovely as the collection looks in an editorial setting, the quality left much to be desired. We saw sporadic seam errors and even found some ripped fabric. Regarding the fabrics, shoppers can find nicer synthetic materials at Forever 21 for price points lower than these. But at the end of the day, were we really expecting something better than that? Nope. For all the hooplah, it's still a mass-market collab.

Anyone hit up the other local Targets? How were the lines? An online survey of the heavy hitting styles shows that most Boston stores are out of stock. Gotta give major props to you dedicated Bostonians for shoveling a path to Prabal.
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