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Simple Steps to Achieve Lovely Celeb Hair Dos From Marc Harris

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Whether an Oscars party or hot date is on the horizon, a soft romantic hair do can elevate your look and even remedy a bad hair day. Renowned stylist Marc Harris, the man behind his eponymous salon, has a few tricks up his sleeves to recreate these gorgeous celebrity 'dos. Let's break them down!

The Bouffant Ponytail
Young and bouncy, this ponytail is perfect for second day hair.
1. Separate your hair into two sections, top and bottom, and pin the bottom half off to the side and out of the way.
2. Using a strong hold hairspray, generously spray the underside of the top section.
3. Using a fine tooth comb, gently begin teasing the hair on the top section. The idea is to create ample volume and a canvas for the bouffant.
4. Once your hair is teased to the height you desire, flip the section back and release the bottom half of your hair that was pinned off to the side.
5. Using a small brush comb the teased area into the shape of a ponytail while grabbing the bottom half of your hair and pulling it all up into one ponytail.
6. Secure with an elastic band that's in a similar hue to your hair color for easy blending.
7. To finish the look, spray the entire ponytail with a strong hold hairspray. Marc suggests Kerastase's Double Force for a long-lasting finish.

Tousled Waves
Is there anything sexier than tousled waves?
1. Prep hair in the shower by using a curl-boosting shampoo and conditioner. Marc swears by Kerastase's Nutritive Bain Oleo Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner.
2. On towel-dried hair, apply a volumizing product to ensure that your locks will cooperate once you dry and style them. Blow-dry, scrunching hair with your hands to add extra texture.
3. Once hair is dry, use a 2-inch barrel curling iron to add waves to your locks. Marc suggests taking small sections of hair and curling them around the iron instead of rolling the hair up to your head; this will create a looser, wavier-style curl.
4. Use your fingers to further loosen the curls and create a piece-y, more effortless feel to your hair.
5. Finish the style with a strong hold hairspray. Marc's go-to is Kerastase's Double Force.

Half Up, Half Down
We very much appreciate this mainstay—get the effect of wearing your hair down with volume at the crown.
1. Begin this look by applying a texturizing spray on dry locks. Marc's favorite is Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray because it builds body and absorbs extra oil at the hair's root.
2. Once hair is prepped, take a fine tooth comb and create an even part down the center of your head. This look is meant to be symmetrical, so keep the part clean and straight.
3. Using a 1-inch barrel curling iron, lightly curl strategic pieces of hair to create a loose, beachy-style curl.
4. Using your fingers take around 3 inch sections of hair from either side of your face and pull them to the back of your head. Secure with an elastic that's in a similar color to your hair.
5. If you want to add extra interest to this style, Marc suggests incorporating a jeweled barrette or clip to cover the elastic.
6. Generously spray hair with a light hold hairspray, followed by a few spritzes of a shine spray to complete the style.

Low Chignon
A lovely up do lets your back and shoulders get the attention they deserve.
1. Begin this look in the shower by incorporating a smoothing shampoo and conditioner into your routine. Marc recommends Bumble and Bumble's Curl Conscious line.
2. Give your hair a great blow dry by utilizing a large paddle brush to smooth locks as you dry them.
3. Part hair down the center of your head (it doesn't need to be a super straight part, but there should be some definition).
4. Pull hair over to the desired side of your head and create two separate ponytails – holding one in each hand.
5. Tie the two ponytails into a loose knot at the nape of your neck.
6. Wrap one side around to the right and secure it with several hair pins. Repeat with the other side of hair and secure it with pins.
7. If needed, secure the completed bun with several additional pins and spray with a strong hold hairspray to complete the style.

Voila! Which of these styles are you most apt to try out?
· Salon Marc Harris [Official Site]