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Five Awesomely Weird Doll Decorations From Patch NYC

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On a recent trip to the South End's tucked away boutique Patch NYC, we couldn't help but ask owners John Ross and Don Carney what they consider the quirkiest, most bizarre item in stock. They were quick to point to the work of their friend Nathalie Lete, French artist and crafter of a large butcher-themed art installation. Across the room we laid our eyes on some fantastically strange stuffed dolls, meant to hang like tasty sausages in a shop window. Now, there is nothing grotesque about these decorations—cute smiling faces remind that these pieces have a sense of humor about themselves.

So while your attention is on Lete's Mrs. & Mr. Ham, King Leberwurst, and T Bone Steak, we encourage you to indulge in the store's other eccentric human-inspired finds: a set of stitched skeletons with dangly limbs and colorful paper mache memento mori figurines with glitter eyes. All of the above make a prime gift for that eclectic friend or your own mashed-up abode.
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Patch NYC

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