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Farewell to Pigalle; New From Island Creek Oyster

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Lunch break news with Eater Boston, right this way...

Image via Island Creek Oyster Bar, Facebook/ICOB

FORT POINT—This is huge: Kenmore Square smash hit Island Creek Oyster Bar says it will be joined by a like-minded restaurant from the same company called Row 34. It's not built yet, but maybe get in line soon.

HUB-WIDE—Here's a downer for you: after 47 years in print, The Phoenix is closing, thereby taking a good chunk of the city's food media with it. Restaurant critic MC Slim JB shares his thoughts.

CHESTNUT HILL—New York burger royalty Shake Shack tells Eater it will open its first Massachusetts store on March 20. And here's a bunch of crazy things people say they'll do for a free t-shirt.

THEATER DISTRICT—Chef Marc Orfaly's longtime French restaurant Pigalle has announced that it will close and reopen as something completely different. Hmm, could that have anything to do with this?