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Recycle Spin Studio Settles Into a Second Home on Newbury

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The Recycle Studio spin tribe has been migrating to Newbury Street these last two weeks—bike shorts and water bottles in hand—to welcome the second studio of this burgeoning brand with South End origins. After stopping into the new location right before its opening day, we could already see the potential as a convenient outpost for Back Bay and Beacon Hill gals. Watching flocks of them walk up the first block of Newbury to the building shared by Salon Mario Russo simply proves the point.

Dubbed Recycle Boston Common, even if it's technically overlooking the Public Garden, the name is a nod to the centrality of the studio. And what better time to reintroduce the program's signature Remix and Rebuild classes? Remix combines 30 minutes on the bike with 30 minutes of yoga, requiring a special instructor certification to ensure you treat those muscles right. Rebuild offers 40 minutes on the bike with 20 minutes off, working your upper body and core. Both options requires some training space, and fortunately owner Cate Brinch developed just the room for it.

Don't think the swanky new address increases pricing; Brinch is keeping it the same at both spots and across the board for all classes. Though a major area where the number signifies moving on up would be the bike count: 22 versus 17 in the South End. Additionally, the studio offers personal training opportunities for targeted instruction. Like its Tremont Street sister, Recycle Boston Common is outfitted in John Robshaw hand-printed textiles with art from Jenna Pirello hanging on its walls. Also similar to the South End—best of luck reserving a class for this cherished spin club.
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