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Where This Program Manager Covets Interior Design Goods

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While the Back Bay boasts world class shopping, we also love to poke around our city's distinct neighborhoods for stores with flavor and finesse. We've asked some local gurus to offer hidden gems so you can try out boutiques beyond the usual suspects. Make room in your retail repertoire for these beloved spots.

Image via Mohr & McPherson/Twitter

Emily Catalano is the driven program manager behind Future Boston Alliance, a non-profit seeking to liven up the local cultural scene through events, workshops, and an accelerator program for small business. The Emerson grad spends her days planning, strategizing, and tweeting—but in her spare time, Emily can't stop ogling the inventory at Mohr & McPherson.

Mohr & McPherson in the South End is my all-time fantasy interior design store because it has all of this incredible imported furniture from Asia that is to die for. I have done quite a bit of travel through Asia and it really has a special place in my heart. And it is where I go to get inspiration for what my future home will one day look like!

Although the furniture slightly out of reach on a 24-year-old's budget, it's my favorite boutique in Boston to shop around in (especially after an afternoon of strolling through the SoWa market). There is nothing like it in the Greater Boston area. What I love most about it, is that amidst (pricey) handmade oriental rugs and gorgeous reclaimed wood dining tables, you can find smaller, reasonably priced home decorating treasures that make for unique housewarming gifts. You wouldn't necessarily think of it, but they have a great collection of jewelry. Think brightly-colored, beaded necklaces, turquoise and silver cuffs and chunky cocktail rings.

· Mohr & McPherson [Official Site]
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Mohr & McPherson

460 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118