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Marcel Plante Talks Interim, Fetish Inspiration, and More

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Meet Marcel Plante, the New Bedford-based ingénue presenting his latest collection tonight at StyleWeek Interim. Plante's highly-stylized designs always make an impression (last season's "Doll Boys" had drag queens storming down the catwalk throwin' shade to the front row)—and this one's no different. Here, we talk Marilyn Riseman (obvi), his designer playlist, and growing up with art school parents.—Heather C. White

Fill in the blank. The morning of my show, I'll be ___________.
Giving all of my garments a final press. I'm usually finished sewing way ahead of schedule, so little things like organizing shoes, beauty accessories, etc. need to get done.

What was your childhood like? How did your surroundings influence you and your designs?
Both my parents went to art school, so growing up I was always fascinated by the volumes of art history books laying around. The cut of garments, as well as the rich details captured in baroque portraits or surrealist photography, have always served as a vehicle for inspiration.

If you could design for one of Boston's royalty (Tom Brady, Gisele, Marilyn Riseman, etc.), who would it be?
Marilyn Riseman, of course! She's not afraid of wearing something bold, and I feel our aesthetics would meld together well.

What's something surprising about your creative process?
When I draft or drape a garment, it's important that I work from a highly stylized sketch, rather than a technical spec. Seeing the garment drawn in an over-the-top manner helps me preserve the original feel of the look, as well as keep a more dramatic proportion.

Last year, your collection Doll Boys had drag queens on the runway, can we expect any thing this time around?
There won't be any drag queens this season, but I do have a few styling tricks in store!

What can we expect from your show at Style Week Interim?
This season, I was inspired by 1950's fetish photography and the models, magazines, and personalities associated with the subject. The collection consists of women's cocktail and pret-a-porter, executed in printed velvets, devore silk satin, wool knits, leather and fur.

Describe your aesthetic in 5 words:
Dark, Lush, Fearless, Flamboyant, Sharp.

Give us your designer playlist:
Madonna, Erotica; Hedwig and the Angry Itch, Midnight Radio; Lana Del Rey, Dark Paradise; Dead or Alive, All My Kisses; Peggy Lee, Why Don't You Do Right.

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