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First Round of Voting: Beacon Hill vs. Brookline and Newton

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Welcome back to Neighborhood Style Showdown, our quest to determine Boston's most stylish neighborhood.

Battle between Beacon Hill and Chestnut Hill

When thinking of Beacon Hill or Brookline and Newton collectively, perfectly manicured yards—and residents—come to mind. The creme de la creme of Boston swarm these neighborhoods for world-class shopping, premier gyms, and raising uber stylish kids. Cool-mom style runs rampant in the blend of Brookline and Newton that we affectionately know as Chestnut Hill. Bloomingdale's, SalonCapri, and The Street all invite fashionable wardrobes to play.

Meanwhile over in Beacon Hill, the stylish denizens are doing all that—without the SUV or lawnmower. An ingrained Brahmin style encourages closets to fall on the preppy side of the spectrum. The rich and beautiful in this tight-knit community are pros at dressing up; after all, they have the income to support designer addictions.

We want to know—which family-friendly area is more stylish? Put in your vote ASAP:

Poll results

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