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Celtics Dancer Ashley Scores at Marshalls, Talks Best Dressed

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Okay, we admit it—when it comes to Celtics coverage we're more interested in what the Cs wore celebrating the win and which local celebs sat courtside (we see you, Gisele) than quibbling over rebounds and triple doubles. But as the playoffs unfold, we can't help but dive in. Here, we chop it up with Celtics dancer Ashley about her pre-game ritual (hint: it involves Junior Mints), scoring Gucci at Marshalls, and the most stylish players.—Heather C. White

What are your 3 favorite stores in Boston?
Forever 21, Marshalls, and lululemon. 75% of my time is spent in workout clothes and I feel the most comfortable and cute in a pair of lululemon's stylish Wunder Unders and a tank! I love going into Marshalls and coming out with a great find; it's so satisfying.

Which Marshalls is your go-to?
No two Marshalls are alike! I think that's one of the fun parts about the store. I usually go to the one on Boylston Street or the one in Swampscott. Surprisingly, a while back my mom and I found a Gucci wallet. Hard to believe but I have the proof. I would never pass up something that perfect!

Favorite item in your closet right now?
My nude sky-high heels. The color never goes out of style and they make your legs look a little bit longer! Who doesn't want that?

What's your beauty routine like?
In the morning and at night I wash my face with an all natural soap that also has makeup remover in it; with all the makeup we wear during games I always make sure that I remove it all! After I wash my face I always use a light moisturizer at night and a tinted moisturizer with light coverage in the morning. Last but not least, I always use mascara to give my eyes a little bit of life.

What's your secret for staying ultra-fit for the season?
We're constantly dancing during the season, so it's always non-stop. When I want to work out and do something different I really enjoy taking barre classes, running, and rollerblading. I love running and rollerblading when the weather starts getting really nice.

Which Celtics player has the best style?
I think that Jeff Green is the best-dressed Celtic; he's always so put together whether he's in a suit or sweats. He always looks so professional. [Ed. note: After spotting his spiked Louboutins we totally agree. Besides, his retro J's collection is a sneakerhead's dream.] Rondo is a close second though.

Best thing to do before a home game?
I'm not exactly sure where this came from but I have gotten into a routine where I must have Junior Mints and a Red Bull before every game.

What are you doing when you're not entertaining a crowd center court?
I am going to school and working. I love sports too, so whenever I get the chance to be at a sporting event I jump at the opportunity.

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