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Beacon Hill vs. South End: Battle of the Brownstones and Bricks

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Welcome back to Neighborhood Style Showdown, our quest to determine Boston's most stylish neighborhood.

Round two's first match Davis Square and Allston/Brighton is well underway, but today's neighborhoods are the real heavy hitters. On one side we have Beacon Hill, the epitome of straightforward New England style, while its competition, the South End, boasts some of Boston's finest independently owned boutiques, a welcoming art district, and a can't-beat nightlife and dining scene.

The Beacon Hill crowd is prim and polished, whereas the South End encourages some peacocking—but nothing too avant garde or over-the-top. Perks? Beacon Hill contains all of its shopping to one main thoroughfare, and though the South End is more spread out, it gets the bonus of flat terrain (easier on our heels). Both have some unsuspected rough sidewalks (love those cobblestones and bricks) but they are also home to some of the city's best scenery. Not to mention, these two areas are some of the biggest clusters on our Racked 38 and Home Goods 38 lists.

A tough pick, right? Tell us which is the more stylish neighborhood:

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