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Logos and Uggs: Just Don't Do It, Says The Professional Wingman

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Welcome back Thomas Edwards, The Professional Wingman, as he pulls out the biggest fashion faux pas in Boston. On Monday we covered guys, but today he delves into the major style crimes committed everyday by the fine ladies around town. Make sure you keep this in mind when dressing in the morning and stocking up for next season.

For women, leaning toward comfort can be the biggest thing to mess up any look. Uggs and leggings seem to be the comfort go-to for women and because it's SO comfortable, more women are wearing them way too often. The beauty is that you don't need to make major adjustments like guys might; swapping the frumpy look with a nice dress or cute colored top and jeans will make a huge difference.

I've noticed a lot of women veering away from bags that are decorated with the designer logo lately. Thank god. These days, having logos all over your accessories or apparel comes off as obnoxious. You might as well tattoo "high maintenance" on your forehead for guys. Personally, I like the idea that of an outfit which costs over $2,000 that no one would notice. What you wear is a reflection of not only your personality but also confidence. No need to overcompensate with a huge "MK" on that patent leather bag.
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