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Your Guide to Dressing For Figawi Like a Pro, Not an Amateur

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Paris Hilton once posed an eloquent question. While her and pal Nicole Richie were traversing the country in search of odd jobs with even odder families, she asked, "Where the fu*k are we?" Sadly, she wasn't the first airhead to ponder this. In 1972, Bob Luby and Joe and Bob Horan set out on a race from Hyannis to Nantucket with their wives and girlfriends in tow. With just the ocean before them, one of the women demanded an answer to the same question—just where the fu*k were they?

In doing so she gave the now annual race its moniker, and provided Boston with an official marker for the start of summer: Figawi Race Weekend. The three day event takes place on Nantucket every Memorial Day weekend and consists of drinking, parties, a charity ball, more drinking, and if you're really interested, the race itself. Seasoned islanders have dubbed the weekend a three day long amateur hour, thanks largely in part to the swarms of Bostonians in Nantucket reds and neon tank tops, but we don't think that's all too fair.

We're always fans of a party and we're even bigger fans of party wears so we've gathered 10 essential upgrades to dressing the part for all your Memorial Day festivities. Here's to the celebrating summer and having such a good time that you forget where you are too.—Justin Reis
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