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Big Deals in the Seaport; Rising Rents and Skyscrapers; More

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And now, the latest from Boston's real estate world and Curbed Boston.

Image via Elkus Manfredi Architects

SEAPORT DISTRICT—Things are brewing in the Seaport District again. If this deal goes down, it will be one of the largest developments yet. A new deal will bring 2 22-story towers to Seaport Boulevard as part of the Seaport Square project. It will being 800 apartments, a movie theater, restaurants, and shops.

DOWNTOWNAnother day and another apartment building goes up in Boston. The Kensington is a new apartment complex that borders Downtown Crossing and Chinatown. It's asking $2,910 a month, just to start.

SOUTH BOSTON—Nice weather is coming our way, what's more perfect than having your own beach backyard in South Boston? This home is asking not asking too much.

BAY VILLAGE—Behind this unassuming carriage door is a whole lot of local history. The former Napoleon Club was a Boston institution for 40 years before being converted into a townhouse. You won't believe what's behind these doors.