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The Lush Gorilla Perfumes Collection Is On Tour and In Store

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Like any in-demand limited edition commodity—rockstars, exhibitions, Warby Parker—the newly launched Lush Gorilla Perfumes fragrance collection is on tour this year. The set of nine distinct and quite unusual unisex scents are living at the Newbury Street store through July 5, ready to be explored, dabbed, and sniffed. No frilly scents here—the fragrances are complex and often heavily touched by nature (musky vegetation, natural herbs and spices) and inspired by cultural icons ranging from beatniks to obscure British plants and even the New Jersey turnpike (oh yeah).

The collection was designed by in-house father-son team Mark and Simon Constantine at a Poole, England studio filled with essential oil-lined shelves. Called gorilla as a play on the term "guerilla marketing," the duo felt that like the animal, these scents would "sneak up on you." With names like Hellstone, Load of Goathorn, Flower's Barrow, and Devil's Nightcap (cartoons of inspirational vignettes to match) the variety is essentially British. All the packaging artwork was created by Chicago-based creative Plastic Crimewave, with associated prints, pins, and totes available for purchase alongside the perfumes.

Stop in the store for a gamified consultation to select your favorite fragrance, which comes in a range of sizes from 0.3 fl. oz. to 3.1 fl. oz.—at prices that will put those Sephora designer perfumes to shame. Beyond July 5 the collection is available to order online, but we highly recommend taking in the adventurous scents in person. Hint: If you want the most sensual, feminine iteration try Sikkim Girls (jasmine, frangipani, vanilla, and tuberose).
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