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5 Gifts to Impress Dad on Father's Day, Even If He's a Hardass

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Dads are tough to buy gifts for, but on June 16, he'll sure be expecting one. When it comes to taking care of his wardrobe or grooming, he might not always see the point, but these five picks are sure to coax even the hardest-to-impress man into looking sharp and maintaining his appearance. It's likely that Made in America is a selling point for the generations above us, and the majority of these buys boast exactly that: Sam's Natural is out of New Hampshire, Ball and Buck builds in Boston, Randolph crafts eyewear south of the city, while Game Day develops and produces its formulas in Florida.

Looking at Sam's Natural, the first striking thing is its packaging. But take a closer look and you'll find outdoorsy grooming goods that are PETA certified, vegan, and clean. Deoderants, soaps, salves, oils, candles and lotion for everything from knuckles to facial hair are available for usually less than $20. If Dad spends any time in the fresh air—on a construction site, a boat, or otherwise—the Trademan's Toolbox will solve ails including hand repair, chapped lips, elbow grease, and knuckle wax for $49.95.