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Lauryn Joseph Mandryk Craves Comfort, Splurges on Sunglasses

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Welcome to Into It, where, we chat with Boston's movers, shakers, and candlestick makers (okay not really) about how style fits into their lives.

What makes Boston great? It's the plethora of interesting people doing interesting things. Though not always falling in the fashion realm, we think they deserve some notice. Today, we're talking to Lauryn Joseph Mandryk. If you've seen a beautiful image lately, Mandryk has likely had a hand in it. The Newburyport native began her career representing Boston's best hair, make-up, and styling teams. Since then, she has founded Angry Sheep, an image production company representing beloved Boston shutterbugs like Eric Levin and Conor Doherty. With such an image centric business, Mandryk takes solace in iconic inspirations and, of course, good beer.—Justin Reis

1. Describe your style.
My style changes constantly. One day, I'll find myself inspired by Bridget Bardot and the next, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. A stunning photograph or even someone walking down the street in a cool outfit can dictate my mood for the season. The one underlying element that I will never stray from is comfort. There is nothing less sexy than someone forcing a trend that clearly isn't enjoyable for them, so you'll often find me throwing on a plain white tee with a glam piece to stay true to my style and feel comfortable in my own skin.

2. How does your work influence your style?
The business of making beautiful imagery means I'm privy to style inspiration on a daily basis. It's usually the feeling that I get from a photograph or piece of art that will influence my style and compel me to try something new.

3. Where do you shop in Boston?
I'm actually not a big shopper, if I'm being honest. I like to shop with a purpose, with the exception of when a must-have jumps out at me. I like to mix up my stores; I'll buy basics from places like H&M or Gap and then hit the boutiques for the pieces that pop and bring in some personality.

4. Where do you not shop in Boston?
I have a hard time legitimizing paying absurd amounts for what I call "recyclable" pieces (t-shirts, jeans, items you wear so much you need to replace them every so often), so I stay away from the overly ritzy stores. Sure, I love to showcase a fantastic designer bag or killer shoes, but it's not my thing to be in head-to-toe designer.

5. Describe Boston's fashion sense in three words.
Eclectic. Personal. Disparate (not to be confused with desperate!).

6. What's the one thing you can't live without?
My husband. He is the reason I wake up every day. He has given me the confidence to feel equally as beautiful makeup-less and in jeans, as dolled up for a night out.

7. And the one you can't live with?
I'm pretty easy going and I try not to let anyone else's business or beef get to me, so I'd have to say licorice. Can't stand the stuff.

8. What is your biggest indulgence?
Sunglasses and good beer. Actually good beer, then sunglasses.

9. If you could only exist in one moment in time, what would it be?
I'd love to say something clever and artistic, but truly if I had to pick one moment to exist in, it would be that moment just before I drift to sleep, listening to the waves crash, breathing in the ocean breeze, snuggled up in a hammock in the arms of my hubby.

10. And what would you be wearing?
Nothing. Ok fine, phenomenal, oversized sunglasses and a thin, slinky beach wrap, with fringe. No shoes.
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