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Liana Krupp Indulges in Knitwear and Conscious Clothing

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Welcome to Into It, where, we chat with Boston's movers, shakers, and candlestick makers (okay not really) about how style fits into their lives.

What makes Boston great? It's the plethora of interesting people doing interesting things. Though not always falling in the fashion realm, we think they deserve some notice. Today, we're talking to Liana Krupp. Follow Boston fashion roots a little ways back and you are sure to encounter Krupp's name. The 30 year-old communications consultant has had her hand in everything from retail ventures to runway production, acting as the city's biggest cheerleader for independent boutiques and designers alike. A bravura thinker, Krupp is as comfortable discussing Japanese art form as she is the latest sneaker trends and has no problem mixing the two.—Justin Reis

1. Describe your style.
Shitty chic. I rarely shop and am very conscious of how my clothes are made, but I don't wear them in a precious way.

2. How does your work influence your style?
For the most part, it's function over form. There are days where I end up crawling around a dirty floor or on my feet a lot, so you're more likely to see me in high tops than high heels. Not to say that I don't clean up well.

3. Where do you shop in Boston?
Louis, Steven Alan, Bilzerian for investments. James Perse and Bodega for wardrobe staples (can't go wrong with a well fitting tee and a fresh pair of sneakers). Flock for the best gifts. Sault for my husband. Fresh for skincare. RIP Achilles, Looc and Stel's—they were all game changers for Boston.

4. Where do you not shop in Boston?
Department stores, fast fashion chains. SHOP LOCAL! I'll save you from a brief lecture on the economic impact of choosing independently-owned retailers.

5. Describe Boston's fashion sense in three words.
Polarizing. Loquacious. Potential.

6. What's the one thing you can't live without?
Balenciaga army green silk utilitarian dress—I travel a lot and can roll it in a ball or crush it in a suitcase and it doesn't wrinkle. Plus it dresses up or down as needed.

7. And the one you can't live with?
Jeffrey Campbell Litas.

8. What is your biggest indulgence?
Luxury knitwear.

9. If you could only exist in one moment in time, what would it be?
I'm going through a souk phase so right now the dream would be somewhere between Villa Mabrouk and Jardin de Majorelle, Morocco, 1968.

10. And what would you be wearing?
YSL caftans, duh.