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A Clothes Hamper That's Actually Nice to Look At

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Today's pick comes from Racked National editor Leslie Price.

African Wolof laundry hamper in white, $99 on Tango Zulu Imports.

Why is it that the most essential home items—knife racks, dish drying systems, and especially hampers—are the often the most hideously designed? After years of hiding an embarrassing Bed Bath & Beyond college-era laundry sack in my closet, I went on a search and upgraded to a version that's nice enough to to sit in plain view.

Hand-woven in Senegal of grass and recycled plastic strips, it's lightweight, strong and large enough to hold multiple loads of laundry with a lid to hide its contents. I bought mine on Traveler's Collection last year but they're currently out of stock; Tango Zulu Imports has an identical version that's an even better deal.
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