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Hottest Trainer Contestant #1: Hanneke Antonelli

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Welcome to Racked Boston's Hottest Trainer 2013 competition. Over the coming weeks, we'll profile eight good looking candidates who work at local gyms and studios. Once you get to know everyone, we'll host a bracket-style showdown in which you get to vote for your favorite. Let the games begin!

Guys and gals alike have swarmed to Hanneke Antonelli's pilates program, quite simply titled Pilates with Hanneke (no nonsense here), where they work toward obtaining her rock hard abs each class. Hanneke (pronounced like Hannukah), a South African native, was formerly a money broker living in London and New York before pursuing her need to "move and shake" rather than be chained to a desk. The urge to make others happy is a contagious force in the bevvy of classes Hanneke teaches.

Hanneke turns on drill sergeant mode in her signature Pilates STRENGTH classes (a skill practiced in her former broker job and with two older brothers), which combines interval-based calisthenics and low impact cardio with Pilates for a high energy workout that feeds her hyperactive personality. When asked about her advice for someone starting a new workout, she contends that you should try everything at least twice before deciding it's not for you.

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