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Considering a Juice Cleanse? Take a Look at 4 Delivery Services

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Welcome to Fitness Week: five days of workout coverage, so that you can start your New Year's resolutions off right.

Though the benefits, safety, and downsides to juice cleansing are all readily available and often debated, people just keep latching onto the concept of drinking produce. Should you be exploring the options to reset your system after a debaucherous holiday season, look no further—and, do even more good by supporting Massachusetts businesses instead of the big guys like Blueprint. We've broken down four local delivery options from The Ripe Stuff, JOOS, Life Force Juice, and ReVitalive.

Duration of cleanse: Anywhere from one to three days.
Price total: $60 for one day, $120 for two, and $170 for three.
Juices per day: Six (6) 16oz juices.
Price per juice: About $10.
Delivery zone: Downtown Boston, South Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Charlestown, Fort Point Channel.
How many flavors? Six in each cleanse: the Corporate cleanse has pretty traditional flavors, the Cocktail cleanse is based on mocktail ingredients, and the seasonal Winter Mix uses currently available produce.
What else to know: Order 72 hours in advance. If you have five orders delivered together (great for roomies, coworkers, etc.) you can receive a 10% off code.

Duration of a typical cleanse: The Reboot cleanse is three, five, or seven days.
Price total: $139 for three days, $179 for five, and $229 for seven.
Juices per day: One (1) JOOS, one (1) JOOS Chia, and one (1) Hydrating Mineral JOOS2O.
Eliminate high sensitivity/allergen foods* and eat a sensible meal preferably at lunch and unlimited fruits and veggies throughout the day.
Price per drink: $11 to $15 depending on duration.
Price per day: $32 to $46 depending on duration.
Delivery zone: Available on Mondays and Thursdays in Brookline, Newton, Cohasset, Concord, Lexington, Medfield, and Wellesley.
How many flavors? Five juice flavors including Antioxidant Blast, Green Lemonade, Vitality Booster, Green Power, and Citrus Refresh, in addition to JOOS Chia and JOOS2O.
What else to know: You can do a 21-day cleanse for $799 that involves intensive guidance. Other options include detox cleanses and mom cleanses.

Duration of a typical cleanse: The Power Cleanse option allows for one week or a three-day fast with seven (7) 64oz juices, flavors of your choosing.
Price total: $199.
Juices per day: For one week, the cleanse supplies two (2) meals' worth daily, while it supplies every meal for a three-day duration.
Price per juice: $28 per 64oz, which is equivalent to about $7 per 16oz.
Price per day: $28 per day in the week cleanse; $66 per day in the three-day cleanse.
Delivery zone: Using bicycles, they deliver in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville. They also deliver within 25 miles of their Cambridge kitchen.
How many flavors? Seven juices and five smoothies, as well as herbal infusion drinks.
What else to know: They also have a Juice CSA, Juice "Work Flow", and infusion packages.

Duration of a typical cleanse: Three to six days with both beginner and intermediate levels.
Price total: For beginner, can range between $199 and $373; Intermediate runs between $199 and $403.
Juices per day: Four (4) juices are packed along with various vegan and raw foodstuffs.
Delivery zone: Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and suburbs in pretty much every direction.
How many flavors? Fifteen.
What else to know: The beginner option involves fruitier, more pleasant juice formulas than intermediate, and both include a full food regimen within their delivery cooler.
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