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The Perfect Punchy, Poppy, Checkerboard Scarf

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Today's pick comes from Racked National columnist Frank Gargione.

Checkerboard merino wool scarf by YMC You Must Create, $60 at The Corner

It's January, so it's far too cold for your favorite checkerboard Vans. But sometimes you need a little checkerboard. And why not? Checkerboard is graphic, it's youthful, and it can add a little whimsy or edge (it depends, you do you) to just about any outfit.

Enter this mid-weight wool scarf by YMC You Must Create. It's almost six feet long—I love a tall-ass scarf. It's fashioned from merino, which will keep you warm without totally stifling you and is generally the most durable of the softer, finer wools (take that, cashmere!) And, best of all, it's a mere $48 right now at the Corner—marked down from $120. Go with the classic black and white or try it in a rich winter red. I might get both.
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