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Which Retail Trends Might Reign Supreme in 2014?

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Same as last year, we've tapped a handful of reputable fashion friends to weigh in on 2013's greatest hits (and misses). Let's look ahead to the future of fashion.

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What industry trends do you predict for 2014?

Kaitlin Madden, Lux & Concord blogger: Shoppable online content. I think with the re-launch of Domino as an e-commerce-slash-magazine, and the ubiquitousness of blog affiliate programs like Reward Style, people will be making more and more purchases though their favorite blogs and publishers.

Christine Mitchell, N'East Style blogger: I think online retailers will continue to bulk up on what they have to offer: think free shipping and returns, editorial content, etc. And that shops will continue to collaborate with designers, small brands, and creative individuals.

Aliston Tomisato, PR and Marketing for W Boston: I'm excited for this continued trend of local jewelry designers, including Joseph Gordon Cleveland for Persona Jewelry, Whiting & Davis' historic Attleboro-based mesh jewelry & handbag line, Beth Miller's Chic to Chic (as seen on Luke Aaron's Fashion Week Runway this fall), and Sophie Hughes.

Jeff Lahens, DressCode Boston founder: Retailers with strong online and social media presence will continue dominate the market.

Tina Burgos, Covet + Lou founder: For obvious reasons, I hope the indie designer scene will continue to flourish. I really feel, and have for years, that this is where the fashion frontier exists. Unfortunately, though, many of the smaller organizations don't have the financial backing or business acumen to truly grow their companies. Consumers need to continue to discover and embrace this talent so that we don't look like we all stepped out of the same store.

Brittany Fischer, Beauty Correspondent for Gloss48: Online shopping for small, niche beauty brands ;) Online flash sales for new and emerging beauty products!
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