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Hanneke Antonelli Shares Her Favorite Pilates Gear and Apparel

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Welcome to Fitness Week: five days of workout coverage, so that you can start your New Year's resolutions off right.

Photo by Andrew Wang

While Pilates may not have caught on with the same ferocity as say, yoga or cycling, there is certainly a market for it in Boston. As a city, we do not like to take it easy—we navigate brutally cold winters, have adored sports teams that don't always warrant unconditional love, and we've got a no-bull approach to driving, walking, and talking. Pilates is a tough workout for a tough crowd, and Hanneke Antonelli has introduced it to students at Charlestown Yoga, South Boston Yoga, and Equinox, teaching their minds and bodies to be lean and focused. Here we ask Hanneke about her favorite Pilates apparel, the difference between teaching in person and on DVD, and where her brand is headed.

Describe Pilates in a sentence.
Pilates is an intelligent exercise method, it requires focus and presence of mind while building a stronger and healthier body.

What is the most challenging move in your classes?
Well, to be honest Pilates with Hanneke's moves are all challenging. I like to design my classes so that each move has a challenging aspect to it. Whether it be testing your balance, the intricate choreography, or just that wonderful burning sensation and endurance—you leave my class knowing you've worked your entire body. My favorite challenging move is the teaser, it incorporates all of the Pilates principles and you really need a lot of control and strength to not just throw yourself into the move.

Do you mix any other workout styles in your own fitness routine?
I definitely do. Besides Pilates, I do strength training with very low weights to build and define lean muscles about three times a week. I also do 20 minute interval training on the elliptical two to three times a week and try to make it to yoga when I have time. I incorporate almost all of my own personal strength workouts in my Pilates STRENGTH and Pilates HD classes.

Where is your favorite spot to buy Pilates gear and clothing?
Most of the gear I buy is either from STOTT Pilates or Amazon. For clothing, it's a little more complicated, I am quite the shopper and love to still feel fashionable even in spandex. I like to mix outfits. My favorite leggings at the moment is DA Active Inc, some of my favorite tops are from Lucy and New Balance for Heidi Klum. My most effective and supportive bras are still Lululemon. I run a Fashionable Friday's blog where I also give more information on new and reliable clothing and gear finds.

How is teaching on video different than in a class?
They are similar in some aspects and completely different in others. On video as in class you always need to be crystal clear where you want your students to work from, so they can get the maximum benefit from the workout. In a class setting the teacher and students both bring energy to the class which takes some pressure off of the teacher, on video the instructor is solely responsible to set and keep up the energy and motivation for the entire session.

In a class setting less demonstration is necessary than on video. Therefore in class you can focus more on tailoring your verbal cues to fit the class's specific needs whereas on video you have to give general and generic cues. I enjoy teaching both: In class I like that I have a little more freedom to tailor the workout depending on the students of the day and on video I enjoy the pre-set workout that I planned and need to be performed strictly as planned. Both requires me to really think about the exercises on a deeper and more technical level to ensure that I give my clients the best and most balanced workout, while showing them that exercise may be hard, but you can have some fun while doing it.

What did you do as "Ambassador for Lululemon" in 2012?
With the support and help from Lululemon I was able to co-host a very successful premiere DVD launch party. The staff of the Lululemon Athletica in the Prudential center helped me organize and offered to supply their store as the party venue. I also taught a few of their free in-store Pilates classes. With their backing I was able to really get the word out about the Pilates with Hanneke brand. And at the Lululemon Ambassador photo shoot I met the very talented Kadri Kurgun Photography which opened up other opportunities in 2013.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2014?
I have big dreams and aspirations for 2014: Some of it definitely includes more Pilates workshops and Pilates with Hanneke events. I'll also be launching my life coaching business in the next few months which will entail a whole other set of exciting opportunities for Boston and beyond.
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