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Stylist Chrissy Beale Loves Bowling and Big Band T-Shirts

Photo by Christine Mitchell
Photo by Christine Mitchell

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Boston-based stylist Chrissy Beale was raised on Cape Cod. Kate Moss and Patti Smith were (and still are) her icons and she was always on the hunt for the perfect super skinny jeans to wear to band shows (again, she still is). Needless to say, she's got a little spunk and that paired with her incredible sense of style makes her a bit of an icon in the industry.

Chrissy has been freelance wardrobe and interior styling for years since starting her career with an assistantship at Ennis, Inc. She then went on to be the prop house curator at Mad Props and has since been working at Rue La La as a freelance then full time stylist. As evidenced by her impressive book and list of clients, she's got a natural knack for this career.

As a freelance stylist at Rue La La myself, I grabbed Chrissy for a quick afternoon coffee in the company dining area. We chatted about her signature style, what she can't stand, and most importantly, how she takes her coffee.—Christine Mitchell

How do you take your coffee?
Soy milk, one sugar. Raw. Raw sugar. We do 7 o'clock in the morning. And then an afternooner which I don't even finish, I have about two sips, and then I'm done. I'm finished. But I need it.

What's your signature style?
I would say I'm most inspired by Patti Smith and Kate Moss. Live by what would Kate Moss wear. And so it's a lot of skinny jeans, boots, and some sort of oversized number on the top. Easy for work. I think I find more inspiration from street style and little subculture groups like when I go to shows. I grew up in that little world and it was a big band t-shirts and pants. I remember trying to look for skinny jeans and going to like Hootenanny to get the punk rock jeans. Or go to the tailor; we used to regular boot-cut jeans and go to the tailor to make them skinny. I wanted tight, tight pants, so tight I can't breathe. And a giant T-shirt.

Describe Boston's fashion sense in three words
Scholastic, transitional, New England-y.

The one thing you can't live without?
Black skinny jeans.

And the one you can't live with? 
This is for me personally: I try with wedge sneakers and I can't do it. I can't do it.

Thrift or designer?

Vacation or staycation?

Leopard or floral?

Favorite hangout on the North Shore?
We hang out at this bowling alley, Riverwalk, in Amesbury. We love it. There's a drinking club attached to it called Lafayette Club. It's amazing. It's our favorite place. And we used to do a lot of The Lobster Shanty in Salem. Go get strong boat drinks.

Singing Beach or Crane Beach?

Best antiquing tips?
Dig through the piles. Go through the boxes. Don't overlook a cardboard box full of crap, because there might be something great in there.
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