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The Bloggers Behind Ms Fit for Society on Fashion and Fitness

​Image Credit: Lucie Wicker Photography
​Image Credit: Lucie Wicker Photography

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Platform sneakers aside, there's finally a bridge in the gap between fitness and fashion, thanks to Ms Fit for Society's long-limbed bloggers Alisa Kapinos and Jessica Diaz.

Ms Fit for Society's blog, Facebook, and Instagram pages are the place for work-out inspiration, styling advice, and shopping tips, and they're chock full of quick workout moves to lengthen and tone muscles—like Diaz's recent photo tutorial on tricep-dips—plus their favorite finds, party pics, and what the stars are wearing in Boston and beyond.—Renata Certo-Ware

The new site keeps the ladies plenty busy, but you're bound to run into them around town feting at the MFA, running demonstrations at Saks Fifth Avenue, teaching barre or styling clients. The multi-tasking beauties blend fitness and style on their website and in their careers: Jessica teaches barre at Charlestown Yoga Studio and The Sports Club LA Boston, and Alisa is a stylist and wardrobe consultant.

What is your favorite workout move?
Alisa: With two kids under the age of 4, I don't have a ton of time to workout so I use every little chance I get. Calf raises are my favorite because I can do them in the shower, standing around at the playground, at the grocery store, wherever!

Jessica: Being a barre Instructor this is so hard for me to answer, because I love so many of the barre moves. I have to say one of my favorites is a barre exercise called "Pretzel." It is an amazing exercise for slimming the waist, sculpting and strengthening the glutes. My nickname for it is "muffin top remover".

What is the most necessary workout move for fashionistas?

Jessica: This is difficult because I think that really varies from person to person. For me, in barre it's the exercises that strengthen the core. I find when my core is stronger, my posture is better, and I am able to stabilize myself and therefore work harder in other exercises. And having a strong core works really well with one of the hottest trends: the crop top.

What do you think of the whole "Sportswear as RTW" movement? Should workout clothes be just that—for the gym—or should they double as outfits for daily life before and after the gym?

Alisa: Personally, I think there's a time and place for everything depending on what you're doing before or after your workout, and you should dress appropriately. Fitness clothing has gotten a huge makeover from the High Fashion Gods, which has given us fitness girls a much more forgivable excuse to wear our leggings everywhere, but as a fashionista, I would say, use your judgement.

Jessica: Absolutely, workout wear should be able to act as day wear and really "any-wear." I am loving all of amazing products, and even the top designers now are moving into this active wear space and giving us all so many amazing options that are functional and fabulous. I am constantly running from teaching barre to meetings, lunch, or errands. The active wear line, Splits59, is a must-have for me and I think one of the real leaders in this new "sports couture" category.

Where do you stock up on workout clothing?

Alisa: Everywhere. I love Reebok, I've stocked up at Old Navy, even T.J.Maxx.

Jessica: Splits59, Gwyneth Brand, and Firedaughter clothing.

How often do you work out a week?
Alisa: I try to get a workout in about three to four times a week. With my styling career, my blog, my dogs and my kiddos, it's hard to find time, but I make it one of my priorities because it truly gives me the energy I need to get through the day with a smile.

Jessica: I have a very active schedule. I teach five to seven group barre classes a week, as well as a few private sessions. On top of teaching, I practice what I am going to teach, and also add in as many of my own workouts as I can. I would say on average two hours a day, six days a week.

How often do you shop each week?
Alisa: Does that include online shopping? I don't shop that much for myself during the summer because I have so much going on, but I shop for my clients almost everyday of the week. If I'm searching for something for one of my clients, you can bet on the fact that I'm eyeing something for myself as well. Guilty!

Jessica: I would say once or twice a week.
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