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Orange Is the New Gym at This High-Intensity Brighton Studio

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New on the Boston fitness scene is Orangetheory, offering group workouts that make your body burn calories long after you've hit the showers and gone home.

The chain, which has studios around the country, specializes in something called "the Orange effect." It sounds like what happens when Netflix turns your prison memoir into a hit show, but it's actually a physiological reaction to interval training—short bursts of high-impact exercise—which causes caloric burn for up to 36 hours post-session. Be prepared to lose about 500-750 calories with each class.

The Brighton studio opened on Monday, and to celebrate, it will be offering Orangetheory Fitness' "Six-Week Weight Loss Challenge," in which the person who loses the highest percentage of body weight wins $2,500 (to spend on a body-con new wardrobe, we assume.) Unsure if this is your thing? New clients get their first class for free, so you can sample the workout without having to spend any cash.
· Orangetheory Fitness [Official Site]

Orangetheory Fitness

375 Market Street Brighton MA